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Bounce uses Technology & Collective Intelligence to help small businesses. It is our mission to make small businesses more efficient. Our extensive network of specialists can create and implement reliable solutions to your problems. We have experts in a broad range of areas such as finance, marketing, analytics and logistics (to name a few).

Have you got a list of tasks as long as your arm?

When you're running a small business there are always a million and one things to do: analyze that sales data, build that inventory tracking system, update that website. The list is endless.

They're all important things. But you're busy; running your business.

Bounce has a skilled network waiting to help you start crossing things off that list!

Are you trying to implement a system but don't have the expertise?

We all know the story. What you want is a simple application that does exactly what you want, in an intuitive way. What you get is a rusty excel spreadsheet that people stop updating after a week.

Bounce has experts that help turn your want into a have.

How we work

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Our experts will develop and implement a solution tailored to your business.

We will make your business more productive.

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You recieve your project

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All documents will be accessible via your Bounce Zone
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