All Chatbots Are Chatty.
But Some Are More Chatty Than Others.

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What does Bounce do?

We make Chatbots that understand your users and respond dynamically using Artificial Intelligence

Our chatbots integrate with all the major messaging platforms 💬. These include:

Facebook, Twitter, Alexa, Google Assistant and Slack.

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How does the tech work?

We use state of the art technology to work out what the user wants.

Once we know the user's intention we use specialist software and machine learning to fulfill their request.

Whether it's:

A product they are looking for...

An interesting news article...

Or, some useful information...

Everything we do is extensively tested by real users. This means that every chatbot works for real people!

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Understanding Chat Interfaces

What is a chat interface?

Simply put, a chat interface is: Any user interface that imitates chatting with a real human.

The idea here is to communicate with technology in more natural, more human way. Making it easier to interact with your device.

We think that you should just be able to message a business in the same way you message a friend. You should get a quick response. And you shouldn’t have to install a new app. - Mark Zuckerburg

A quick example

Your customers can communicate, find information and even transact with you.

All without ever leaving their favorite messaging app.

Types of Chat Interfaces

Voice assistants

This involves the user interacting with their device using voice only.

Great for providing quick useful answers, playing music or performing hands free tasks (such as reading recipes).


This involves the user typing their input as you would text a friend.

Great for more complicated tasks and can include more interesting content (such as embedded media and links). They can also be connected to popular chat services such as your company Facebook.

Why is this important to you now?

Until very recently the technology simply hasn’t been up to the task. However, all the ingredients are now available to make chat interfaces a reality.

They understand what you say

Google speech recognition is now on a par with human accuracy.

They understand what you mean

There has been signifcant investment in machine learning over the past few years.

This means chat interfaces can now understand context and pick out information from what you say.

Questions no longer need to be phased in a particular way and the chat interface improves with continued use.

With the right design chatbots can be in-formative, easy to use and even whitty.

People are chatting more than ever

It is all very well having the technology, but having applications on which it can be used is crucial. There are over 3 billion monthly users of the 3 largest chat apps.

Why is a chat interface better than your app?

It’s where your customers are

Chat interfaces allow instant access to billions of users. Additionally android are now bundling google assistant with all software - over 2 billion phones use Android as their operating system.


Chat interfaces are instant.

On average users wait 3½ minutes for customer service agents. In the modern world your customers simply are not prepared to wait.


If you can talk to a person you can talk to a chat interface. Unlike with an app, users don’t have to learn a different interface for each platform, they use natural language.

No need to download

Chat interfaces can be integrated directly into the most popular messaging apps and don’t have to be separately downloaded. If your users have Facebook, Twitter or a number of other messaging and social media apps they can interact with your chatbot.